Thursday, May 22, 2008


Painting one of these little oils in a single session is definitely better than stopping and coming back to a painting in progress. The work looks fresher (no pun intended), more spontaneous.

In all my years as a colored pencil artist, only once did I slice the fruit or vegetable. I'm not sure why I didn't but now I find myself at the grocery store looking for the next thing to cut up. The inside of this orange pepper is so beautiful. And, I love that I was the first person in the whole world to see inside. 6x8 inches, oil on masonite.


Phyllis Ray said...

Oh Barbara! This is a luscious painting! I see you becoming (or is it re-becoming) an oil painter day by day. Thanks for being my inspiration! Phyllis Ray

Raluca C said...

this look so nice:lovely colors and composition!