Monday, October 20, 2008

monday in the studio

I started to paint this morning but when I opened my quart of Titanium White I just had to stop and take care of a problem. As a novice oil painter, I didn't know about the skin that forms on top of containers of oil paint. For months I've been digging the paint out from underneath; no time or enthusiasm for filling empty tubes. But today was the day. I ended up with a very messy palette knife that I finally wiped off onto a previous painting ("Daisy" July 11, 2008) to become a sky. Tomorrow or the next day it will turn into a landscape.


Carol Schiff Studio said...

Hmmmm, where do you get a quart of paint, and how do you fill a tube? Let alone get an empty tube?
Love your paintings!

Barbara Benedetti Newton said...

I purchased this quart of white from Utrecht in Seattle but I just checked and Daniel Smith Art Supplies carries quarts also. Probably all the big art suppliers have the same. My empty tubes came from Daniel Smith. A word of advice - buy tubes larger than 37 ml for ease of filling. Here's how I did it: remove the cap (so air can escape) and fill from the bottom scooping paint with a palette knife or anything else you can get to work. I tried using a 60 cc syringe, catheter tip but it was more trouble than it was worth with thick paint. Wear gloves, have paper towels handy and have patience. Next time I buy a quart, I'll fill the tubes BEFORE the annoying skin forms. Good luck!