Friday, December 5, 2008

our critique group

I've been busy with family and friends and realize it has been a whole month since I've posted. This week I'm deep-cleaning my studio of 20 years. A lot can accumulate on shelves, and in nooks and crannies, in that amount of time. It's dusty and chaotic now but I look forward to starting 2009 refreshed, organized and ready to paint.

Earlier this week I attended the annual December luncheon of our Artist's Critique Group. We started our group 13 years ago with a half dozen women and added a few every couple years. And, over those years we've also lost a few due to relocation and busy schedules. When women remain friends for so long, the time also comes when we lose someone to death. That happened this year with the passing of our dear friend and wonderful artist, Sharon Tietjen.

Our Critique Group meets every other month. We rotate the meeting location among members' Studios which gives us a chance to see what's going on there. We are supportive and kind to one another but also full of advice! The perseverance of each artist is admirable. Each has continued to create; to grow in skill and depth as an artist while fulfilling the roles of mother, grandmother, wife, friend, art organization volunteer and more. Each has been a part of my life for so long that I sometimes take their friendship and amazing talent for granted. Today, I'm posting a Thank You to all in the group for their support of my work and their patience in listening to me when I've needed to ramble. Below is a painting example (as well as one of my own) from those able to respond to my hasty email request for images. Click on the image to enlarge.

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cwvgray said...

Thank you Barbara, your blog is wonderful. Has it really been that long since Sharon, you and me first got our group going?.