Friday, July 31, 2009


We have had record breaking, triple-digit high temperatures here in Washington State. If we ever build our retirement home, it will have air conditioning to deal with this rarity. I've been painting late at night when the Studio temperature is bearable. And so, the painting of "Heat Wave." This morning it is thirty five degrees cooler and I can look at this painting without my brain melting or sweat dripping into my eyes. Many things irritate me about this painting just as the relentless heat did. There are awkward junctions, too-bright colors and texture conflicts. I wonder if this painting will still irritate me in November? If so, it is successful.

A side-note: I have old journals written by my mother. Almost every entry has mention of the weather. Earlier this year I painted of our record-breaking wet spell with "Slow Slide into Pink." Am I becoming my mother?


Sue Furrow said...

HaHa! Don't you know we all become our mother?! When I was young I looked like my Dad, now that I'm much older I look exactly like my Mom! ( Even acting like her more every day). I like this painting and Really like Slow Slide.

Barbara said...

I still look like my father but I find myself acting like my mother. Oh no.

Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

Hi Barbara,

Your painting has the feeling of melting heat! It seems to me that you like to reveal a little bit of nature to draw me into your view. Still meditative, in spite of the heat!

Barbara said...

Yes, you got it! I think my viewer needs a little anchor to stay involved and participate further in the story.