Wednesday, December 30, 2009

year end favorites

The Christmas tree is down, excess cookies are in the freezer and I'm looking forward to a new year in my studio. Spent the morning working on 2009 taxes but when Fed Ex brought a studio delivery, it was a good time to stop, have a cup of mocha, and share a few favorite things with you.

• Richard Schmid's new book, "The Landscapes." By page 43 of 268, I was on visual overload. This is a big book to savor.

• Cezanne #72 Champagne Silver Frame, from Art Ready Frames. Beautiful frames at good prices. Owner, Linda, is a pleasure to do business with - and she owns one of my paintings!

• Clairefontaine Pastelmat paper. As I spend more time with my first painting on Pastelmat, my appreciation for the surface grows. Areas are simplified - was it because of the paper? You can order Pastelmat from Dakota Art Pastels.

Happy New Year!

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Observe Closely said...

Hello Barbara! Thank you for that recommendation on the Richard Schmid book. It looks marvelous.

RE: Pastelmat paper: I wrote a review of it in my blog. If you have any comments or tips, tricks, etc., to add to what I've posted, please do. The more information there, the better --- Examined: Pastelmat paper