Friday, February 5, 2010

in a yellow wood

Robert Frost's poem, "The Road Not Taken" has had special meaning for me for many years. Recently, my 10 year old grandson memorized it for school. I was impressed and motivated to remember it for myself. I wondered if an old dog (me) could learn a new trick. I did it! Today, as I was attempting to find my way through this abstracted landscape, the words of the poem came back to me as inspiration.


TJ said...

This is lovely. I like the undirectional direction you are taking in your paintings!

And, I think you are inspiring. The name "Robert Frost" lead me to check a poem of his I love: "Stopping By THe Woods on a Snowy Evening" (maybe not correct but I'm sure you know it. . . Whose woods these are . . .

I have "woods" now and to enjoy their quiet times, just walking through, hearing their sighs and leaves tinkling . . . Oh, well, you have put the shoe of inspiration on my derriere, so to speak!

Lovely, enchanting painting you have.

Barbara said...

Thank you!