Saturday, March 20, 2010

love the one you're with

This is how it feels to be looking for the perfect retirement property. We have narrowed it down to a location, been hopeful, been discouraged, come up against obstacles, hopeful again. There are bright spots, doubts, confusion, temporary resolution. As in my painting of several days ago, "You are Here," I will appreciate the great parts of where we live now. Good advice: "Love the One You're With."


Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Beautiful~ and good advice, too. I'm sure you know that there will never be a "perfect" property. Like spouses, there are major things that you love and a few minor things that you overlook. Good luck with your search!

Patrice said...

Don't rule out the Northeast Georgia Mountains..

Okay - well GA is beautiful but the South is soooo different.

I'm in Love with Love the One You're With. Started reading the paragraph below it thinking you were speaking of the work - and you are in a sense. Beautiful, beautiful work. Makes me want to get out my aged pastels!