Tuesday, March 30, 2010

old painting, new look

Two months ago I washed off and repainted a piece of Wallis for the third time. It became a dark and moody winter pond scene.

Since January, every time I came across it on my new paintings blog it bothered me. Too dark, too moody, something discordant about the colors. Today I unframed it, added two transition colors - a muted pale green color (mostly on the left side) and a dusty blue (mostly across the horizon). 

Also, and most importantly I think, I cropped the work into a little different scene. The red line shows the old parameters of the image, the lighter stroke shows the new crop. Once again, I'm not sure if this piece will survive. Time will tell. To see the before image, CLICK HERE. To see the piece as it is today, CLICK HERE


Ruth Armitage said...

It's so interesting to see your different crops on this image, Barbara. It always amazes me the transformations a painting can go through before we feel it settle in. I love the inclusion of more dark area in the upper left corner and the little lights peeking through. I've been a fan of your work forever it seems, and love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing!

Barbara said...

Thanks for your comment, Ruth. I remember your name from Mary Lou Zeek Gallery many years ago but am surprised to know you read my blog. Thank you!