Friday, April 9, 2010

eight years later

My first pastel painting was a still life of two plums. My second try at pastel in Spring 2002 was a view of our driveway. We still have the same driveway but my work has changed considerably. Almost exactly 8 years later, here is the scene again as I see it today in "The Good Road Home II."


Liliana Lucki said...

Fantástico !!

Saluda desde Argentina,Liliana.

Gloria j Zucaro said...

Hi Barbara,

I get the Richeson 75 competiton emails. Of all the non-oil paintings, I really loved your look the best. I have been looking at your work and love the way you have experimented and swung(swinged!) between almost completely smeared and completely realistic. Now you are still dreamily smeared but have very contrasted values and color temperatures, and some sharp edges. I love this painting of your driveway. I just started my oil and pastel paintings in the last few years...pastel first time in 2007. I am also a 1943 girl. girl! LOL Gloria J Zucaro