Saturday, January 10, 2009


Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day is confabulation. The meaning: a filling in of gaps in memory by fabrication. Today's 9 x 12 oil painting is exactly that - an interpretation (or fabrication) of a scene remembered from a photo shoot.


Maureen L Mitchell said...

So lovely. The softness in the foreground and the receding drama are very captivating.
Seems like this would be a very liberating process, yes?

Barbara Benedetti Newton said...

Yes, very liberating to work in oil with a relatively large brush. Today was an especially "soft focus" day because I exceeded the maximum time for 20/20 vision with the CRT lense I wear in one eye at night. When I was working in colored pencil, perfect vision was critical so I took the lense out after about 5 hours. Now, oversleeping and having that eye overcorrected is a vision-bonus that helps me let go of detail.