Sunday, January 11, 2009

sunday foundations

A rainy gray Sunday. The scenes outside my Studio windows are muted and all mid-to-dark values. A good day for painting foundations for the week ahead. I've never started five paintings at once before but next week is a busy one and I'll be out of the studio a part of each day. We'll see how this goes.

When I worked in colored pencil, I usually used a French Gray grisaille under the color. You can see this process at Paintings in Progress on my website. In oil, I use a mixture of several colors then lift pigment with brush or paper towel where I need more light.

A nice surprise this morning. I got a mention on Katherine Tyrrell's Making a Mark site for Who's made a mark this week (11 January 2009). Painting is such a solitary vocation, connections like this one mean a lot.


Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

I like the structure of your paintings. They definitely have a January feel!

Katherine Tyrrell said...

These look great starts Barbara - I'll be following along to see what you do with them.

maria tereza said...

i look anda l love very mutch your art