Wednesday, April 29, 2009


With no message in mind for the viewer as I painted this one, the image had a chance to evolve more directly through me - without all my usual filters of what I think will make a painting "successful." Playing with color, shapes and edges nourished me in a way unlike what I have formerly (three days ago) experienced when painting.

Sometimes, finding the Silver Lining in a situation happens before you realize there is a need to look for one.


LSaeta said...

I am so glad to have found your blog. I really like your painting style. Well done!

carolair65 said...

Your new direction is exciting! There's a softness to your work yet so much to contemplate in each one. Your color choices are always outstanding and the way you use values is impressive. What paper do you use for these abstracts? Do you do a wash for an underpainting? I also always wondered what is your preferred style of frame for these abstracts.
Thank you for your time.
Best regards,
Carol (Barrett) Flatt

Barbara Benedetti Newton said...

Hi Carol,
The surface I work on varies. I like Wallis pastel paper very much but "Epiphany" is gatorboard primed with gesso. I usually do an underpainting in thin oil paint or if I am painting over an existing painting that has been washed off, I use clues from the old painting for inspiration. These abstracts are framed with an off white mat in a simple metal or wood frame.