Monday, May 4, 2009

chain of events

In hind-sight, the chain of events to a goal or to the outcome of a state of affairs is sometimes surprising. I'm amazed that I'm abstracting my paintings these days. 12 x 12 inches, pastel


Carol Schiff Studio said...

I love your abstracts! I have always wanted to go off in that direction, but cannot get there. Do you start with a photo or specific scene? They are soo dreamy and the colors are wonderful.
Have fun with this!

Barbara Benedetti Newton said...

Hi Carol,

I know exactly how you feel (wanting to go in that direction). I've been thinking about it for several years - ever since I acquired an appreciation for abstracts. Before that, I just didn't "get it."

A couple years ago I painted three mixed media pieces with "seasons" in mind. That gave me a starting place for shapes, colors and value (example: spring has a brighter, lighter feeling to me than fall). But, with gallery and show responsibilities, I went back to painting what I knew worked for me in the past.

For these recent pastel abstracts, I start with my old paintings that I don't love, haven't sold, and are past competition exhibition age. Starting with a recycled painting relieves the pressure I would otherwise feel facing a new, expensive piece of paper.I wipe or wash them off (depending upon the surface), turn them around or upside down and begin again with a similar palette of colors though my color choices become bolder as the painting progresses.

Painting in an abstracted style is very liberating. Try it!